Increasing Cooperation,
Embracing Technology,
Saving Lives.

Search and Rescue 2017 will bring together world-leading SAR professionals and organisations, in a forum which will deliver fresh ideas and the opportunity for discussion and debate. The end result will be new information, fresh ideas and – ultimately – more lives saved.

This event has been timed specifically to follow up on the Danish government’s Arctic LIVEX16: a large scale Search and Rescue exercise being held in Greenland in May 2017.

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2016 Speakers included:

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Key Topics and themes being addressed at Search and Rescue 2017:


Insight and expertise from Arctic LIVEX16, including lessons on: international interoperability, communication and mission coordination, and the performance of the latest SAR technology on the “front line”of operations.


Leading SAR experts presenting on key issues such as mass rescue, operating at maximum efficiency on a restricted budget and the latest technological developments.


Case studies on the Mediterranean migrant and refugee crisis and lessons learned in terms of operating procedures, training,and equipment procurement, all from senior SAR professionals who work “on the ground” in that theater currently.


Hear from the likes of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Icelandic Coast Guard and Italian Coast Guard on latest procurement requirements and technological/equipment priorities.

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