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Search and Rescue 2018 Agenda

Download The On-Site Agenda: 6th Annual Search And Rescue 2018 SummitSearch and Rescue 2018 will bring together world-leading SAR professionals and organisations, in a high-level forum which will deliver crucial insights and the ultimate opportunity for discussion ...

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Saving lives in a complex environment: Insight from Russell Torbet, Bristow

As the international SAR community is preparing to meet at the annual Search and Rescue conference, Defence IQ had the opportunity to discuss with a leading partner of the conference, Bristow. Responsible for SAR services for all of the UK and other international private or public entities, they ...

Global Market Report 2018: Helicopter and Fixed-Wing Acquisitions

In this complimentary exclusive global market report, discover selected key programmes and acquisitions from countries from all around the globe, a few of which will be present at Search and Rescue Europe 2018, such as Serbia, Norway, the U.K. and Canada.

The challenges of mass rescue SAR operations and importance of international collaboration

Defence IQ spoke with two of the experts to understand more about the challenges militaries, civilian agencies, coast guards and the police face in SAR operations.

ISR, Maritime Patrol, OPV and UAV Assets in the Arctic Market Insight and Requirements Report

The following report provides a select overview of SAR assets for countries with an interest in the Arctic, including details of the latest known programmes and requirements for equipment relevant to operations in the Arctic.

SAR Tech Round-Up 2017

TWe look at some of the technology said to be revolutionizing SAR efforts, from L3 airborne navigation systems to Rescue Global’s leaps in Machine Learning and Big Data processing.This article looks into the impact of technology in ...

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MOAS on the European Refugee Crisis: Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration

Martin Xuereb is the Director of Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), the global search and rescue charity specialised in mass rescue with ships currently patrolling the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Andaman seas. He is also a retired Brigadier General and was Malta’s former Chief of Defence. In this feature,...

SAR crisis in the Mediterranean – commercial vessels rescue thousands

The humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean Sea is spiraling out of control. Thousands of people lost their lives during 2014 while attempting to cross the Mediterranean from North Africa. There is a risk of further catastrophic losses of life as more desperate people attempt this dangerous sea crossing. John Haynes...

Norway explores a new way of Search and Rescue and Emergency Management

Watch this video on establishing equal term, cooperation and a shared network for improved emergency preparedness across Norway.

US Air Force Rescue: “Cloud-based collaboration tools would really help”

February 2015 The US Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC) is charged with coordinating all civil search and rescue, routine search and rescue, and all the way up to mass rescue situations covering 48 states (not including Alaska and Hawaii). It is also charged with working with search and rescue...

Rescuing lives in the harshest environments

Search and Rescue (SAR) and aeromedical forces worldwide are united by the common goal of being fast onto the scene and ensuring safe passage from harm to all victims stranded in the most undesirable of circumstances. While difficult enough on the surface, those who operate in the most extreme climates...

[VIDEO] Search and Rescue: The Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

Wars in Iraq and Syria – and unrest in Libya and other parts of Africa – have spurred a large-scale exodus of refugees and migrants to Europe in the past few years. In this video Defence IQ looks into how Search and Rescue efforts are being undertaken and what more...